Petite Bourgogne

Petite Bourgogne

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blogging Marathon Weekend (sort of)

I'm not spending nearly enough time on my blogs.  My business blog is being neglected due to my hectic work schedule.  Even though I only update this one once a month, the quality of what I post could be better.  This is why I was really looking forward to this weekend.  I've known about the semi-annual Bloggiesta since the mini-Bloggiesta in early February.  Just this week, though, I found out the Biannual Blogathon Bash is also holding an Itty Bitty Blogathon.  Not one, but two reasons to focus on my blog!  But... I have to block off some time for work and a social commitment.  So, I won't be spending as much time on blogging as I would like.

With that in mind, my blogging goals for this weekend are simple (with updates at the end of the weekend in italics):

  1. Write a post for this blog and my business blog
    • Done!
  2. Find a post on a particular subject to republish for the PMI Community of Practice blog I edit.
    • Not done... yet.
  3. Participate in Twitter chats.  (I'm doing that as I write this!) 
    • Participated in both Bloggiesta and one of Blogathon2 Twitter chats.  
  4. Promote my Sockets and Lightbulbs Facebook page.
    • Spent a bit of time on this.  I added a link to the blog post on how to promote your blog on Facebook.  I posted something about it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus and invited Facebook friends to "like".  Doubled my "likes" as a result.  Need to do this more often, as well as start some original discussions on Facebook.
  5. Figure out a way to build on my one-hit wonder post. This post alone gets half my blog views!
    • I spent some time analyzing the search engine terms that led to blog views. My top 100 search terms boiled down to four key categories.  It's very clear who my audience is.  I also learned that Google is only indexing my post titles.  I changed two post titles to include common search terms.  We'll see if that improves views on those two posts.  It was also interesting to see what terms did NOT show up.
  6. Do the "Through A Visitor's Eyes" Bloggiesta mini-challenge
    • Done!  It was very helpful.  I need to think about how someone would search for a particular post on my blog.
  7. Check out Itty Bitty Blogathon's task list and try a few, even if I don't officially enter the challenge.
    • Read through the impressive task list and did one: ran BDC Website Assessment.  As I acted on the result, I discovered that my domain registrar had my domain listed as "expired" (it's not). Got that fixed!
  8. Update: Break apart an old post into three separate posts so I can share them separately.
    • Didn't get to it.  I mostly put this on the list as a reminder to do this.
  9. Update: Write custom Blog Follow Email text and Comment Follow Email text.
    • Same as above.
If I get all the above done this weekend, I'm rocking!

Why am I participating in both events simultaneously?  Bloggiesta is mainly for book bloggers. I LOVE the community, which is why I participate every time.  Blogathon is supposed to be more general, so I thought I would see what one of the events were like.  

Happy blogging!


  1. Thanks! You have quite an impressive to-do list. Good luck and have a productive weekend!

  2. I hope you're able to find time to accomplish all of your goals :) Good luck and happy bloggiesta!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Thanks! I'm a bit surprised at what I'm getting done. Hope you're also having a happy Bloggiesta.

  4. Good luck! I am doing both, as well, so I am sure that I will see you around! I hope you check out my Bloggiesta To Do List or join my mini-challenge about getting involved!

  5. I am a fellow Blogathon member! I had a good time in the Itty Bitty session, but would have liked more time! There is so much to learn!

    I am glad to meet you and am off to follow your social medias!
    Cynthia at

  6. Hope you accomplished everything you wanted to this weekend! I'm still working on my last task -- trying to visit every blog participating in Bloggiesta!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.

  7. Hi Liza, I was trying to juggle Bloggiesta and Itty Bitty Blogathon too. It was quite a weekend but glad you got some of your goals crossed off on both your blogs. Hope to speak with you at the next twitter chat. Here's my Bloggiesta goals/updates if you'd like to stop by...

  8. That's a really great idea to tackling the Google search issue. I should really sit down and figure out some terms to use often in my post titles to attract more readers.